Discover Our Cinnamon From Sri Lanka And Indonesia

Sri Lanka and Indonesia have been the main international producers of cinnamon for thousands of years. Both produce more than 95% of the total. Its quality is considered one of the best in the world. There is no more unmistakable flavor than that of cinnamon.

Cinnamon is extracted from the branches of cinnamon trees. Only a thin layer of just half a millimeter is what is harvested, leaving it to dry for a few hours in an environment with ideal temperatures and humidity. Due to this drying process, the thin rinds roll up naturally, taking that elongated shape so characteristic of this spice.

Spice Catalog

Discover a new level of taste

Agritech Solutions has developed this Spice Catalog in which you can find a wide variety of spices from Sri Lanka and Indonesia such as:

Cinnamon – Ceylan Cinnamon – Ground Ceylan Cinnamon from Sri Lanka and Indonesia
Desiccated Coconut from Sri Lanka and Indonesia
Coconut Sugar, Clove, Vanilla, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Nutmeg, Cardamom and Indonesian Mace among others

Puerto Sherry Food Comany S.L.

Agritech Solutions S.L. & Puerto Sherry S.L. Merge

Puerto Sherry Food Company S.L. & Agritech Solutions S.L. are two companies dedicated to the import-export of all kind of products. Due to the detection of an important and growing market in the canned sector both nationally and internationally that claim the quality of products manufactured in Spain.

With the ISO 9001 certifications; IFS Food; BRC empower us to be able to sell and export to any part of the world.

Puerto Sherry´s Food Company S.L. factory has 7.680 m2, and it is prepared for the production and packaging of canned fish, shellfish and cephalopods.

At Puerto Sherry Food Company we are prepared to make preserves of: Tuna, melva, sardine and mackerel throughout the year and cockles and mussels adapting to their capture time in the last four months of the year.

Our products are prepared to compete in price and quality with the leading canned brands in the Spanish market. The factory currently has 5 products lines of different formats, which allows us a daily production capacity of 450.000 cans/day in a single shift.



Developing sustainable and intelligent agriculture

Experts in agri-food services and supplies. We are the best bridge to connect with all guarantees the opportunities to develop agricultural projects between Spain and Southeast Asia. Our multidisciplinary team has allowed us to achieve the necessary experience to meet the needs of our customers with guarantee, security, reliability and a high degree of technology.

Our experts will work with you to offer innovative solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world.


The best selection of natural and ecological products on the market

As a Spanish company with a global and transparent spirit, we have been exporting Spanish and European products to the Asian market for several years. We have a wide selection of honeys, oils and nuts in different cuts and levels of roasting, all with a common denominator based on their organic origin.


Food for your soul!

VivaOrganique is our most international food brand that collects the best ingredients to offer a varied and high-quality selection. The most authentic products of the Mediterranean diet designed for both the national and international markets.


Agri-food Services


The best Spanish gourmet products, always guaranteeing their quality and careful preparation.


We look for the best agri-food opportunities to offer them exclusively to distributors in Spain

Own Brand

Our food brand, collects the best ingredients to offer a varied selection of high quality.


We have a specialized line for distributors of Restaurants, Hotels and Gourmet Shops.


We are at your disposal to solve your questions

Our team of professionals is at your complete disposal to assist and advise you with any questions about our agricultural services or agri-food export / import.

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