About us

About us

About Agritech Solutions

Agritech Solutions is based upon the best techniques and technologies, and a human team able to face a great number of challenges.

By mean of our global network of suppliers and our wide technical experience, we offer our clients innovative and customized solutions in agricultural consulting, engineering, installation and supplies. So that their agrifood import-export projects become a reality, including R&D an expertise, supply of raw materials and machinery, equipment, transport and distribution.

We can help to guarantee that your project comply with high quality, health, environmental, food safety and social responsibility standards.

Our aim

To connect, to facilitate, to accompany, and to develop the flow of goods, knowledge, technologies, services and supplies in a bidirectional way between companies in Spain-Europe and in the Southeast of Asia.

Our mission

To provide services and supplies all around the agrifood business, acting as a bridge among supply and demand.

Our vision

To go beyond our customers’ expectations by mean of innovative services and to become a reliable partner in their projects. Allowing them to identify and to develop business opportunities between Spain and the Southeast of Asia in the agrifood sector.

The best means and staff

Quality commitment

Our quality commitment plays a fundamental role within Agritech Solutions. What means that we use the best human and material resources in all our projects.


Agricultural holdings with the best environmental results

In Agritech Solutions we manage agriculture from an innovative perspective, considering the new techniques and technologies, promoting their adoption.

We are looking for farms with the best possible environmental performance. We preferably select those that practice organic or biodynamic agriculture. And, failing that, those that apply integrated production techniques, or some agri-environmental measures addressed to improve the efficiency in the management of natural resources (water, soil, air, biodiversity and landscape).