Agritech proud member of the #PorElClima Community

AGRITECH SOLUTIONS SL is committed to reducing the pollution that causes climate change on the Planet through its actions and to becoming part of the #PorClima Community, a pioneering initiative of people, companies, organisations and public administrations that are united by a common objective: to be protagonists in the action against Climate Change in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Paris Agreement.

WHAT IS #PorElClima?

The #PorClima Community was created to encourage society to take action against the climate crisis, FROM ALL OF US TOGETHER. We are citizens, parents, young people, NGOs, companies and public administrations, all aware of the importance of fulfilling this mission.


Because we want to make all of society AWARE of the need for urgent and joint action in the face of the climate crisis.

Because it is necessary for citizens, companies, administrations and organizations to act TOGETHER in order to reverse this situation.

Because the climate crisis was created by all of us and it is our mission to spread, put pressure on and infect as many people, companies, administrations and organizations as possible in order to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement, Agenda 2030 and ODS 13.


You can inform yourself, act and disseminate. You are part of this urgent and necessary movement.

Join the Community and you can: have your own climate blog, publish and share stories (yours and others’), add actions and share your profile, to set an example to others.

But above all… you can be part of a community where we all have the same interest in reversing this climate situation, because only then are we stronger.


Join as a citizen by clicking here.

Join as a company, organization or administration by clicking here.