Andalusia breaks export record in 2022

Exports from Andalusia have reached a new record between January and September 2022, by adding, for the first time since there are comparable records (1995), the figure of 32,542 million euros in this period. Sales that represent a growth of 29.8% year-on-year, which exceeds the average increase in Spain by more than five points (+24.7%), as indicated by the latest data made public this morning by Extenda, a public company belonging to TRADE.

The Minister of Economy, Finance and European Funds, Carolina España, highlighted that the Andalusian foreign sector has achieved this new mark thanks, to a large extent, to the 30% year-on-year growth reached by exports in the month of September, until reaching a record that is historical for this month, 3,891 million. “It is -he stated- a growth that also exceeds that of the Spanish average, on this occasion, by almost 8 points (+22.18%), and that is driven by the rebound in the aeronautical chapter, which almost doubles its sales (+87%) and is positioned as the second most exported by the community in that month”.

“With the data for September, Andalusia has already accumulated more than a year and a half of continuous double-digit increase in exports,” pointed out the counselor. It has been 19 months, since the series began in March 2021, which led to 2021 closing with an export record of 34,552 million and which represents only 2,000 million euros more than in the first 9 months of 2022.

The strong export growth of Andalusia comes hand in hand with an important advance in the diversification of products, origin and destinations of the Andalusian foreign sector, which is reflected in the rise in exports in nine of its first ten chapters between January and September, both agri-food as well as industrial and technological; in all geographical areas, with America and Asia with growth of around 30%; and in all Andalusian provinces, which in this period achieved double-digit growth and record sales figures.

Imports by Andalusia also increased in the first nine months of the year, 53% over the same period of the previous year, up to 35,255 million, which places the coverage rate at 92%, eight points above the national quota, which is 84%, originated by sales from Spain abroad of 286,673 million and purchases of 340,110 million.

By chapters, the community increased its exports in nine of the top 10 between January and September 2021, in eight of them at double digits. The agri-food chapters continue to grow and the rise in sales of industrial goods stands out, with an aeronautical sector that continues to gain muscle in international markets after the pandemic and whose sales grow by 36%, reaching 1,302 million euros, for to rank seventh in sales, with 4% of the total accumulated in the year, and second in the month of September, thanks to an increase of 87% (390 million).

Outside the Top 10, but with significant growth, ship exports through the Cadiz naval industry stand out, multiplying their sales by 25 compared to the first nine months of 2021, with 563 million euros.

That of fuels and mineral oils remains the first chapter in sales in Andalusia so far this year, with 5,864 million, 18% of the total and a growth of 58%, the highest in the Top 10. They are followed, for growth rate, chemical industry products, fifth exported with 51% more sales to 1,640 million, 5% of the total; and foundry, iron and steel, eighth, with a rise of 23.9%, to 1,121 million (3.5%).

Sales of other chapters of goods for the industry also rose in this period, such as minerals, sixth in sales, with 23.2% more, up to 1,349 million, 4.1%; and electrical machinery and material, with an increase of 11.8% to 1,014 million, 3.1%. In this period, the only chapter of the top 10 whose sales fell is copper, 3.1% year-on-year, to 1,100 million (3.4%).

At the same time, the Andalusian agri-food and beverage complex continues its sustained growth in sales, which results in the productive diversification of the community’s foreign trade. Vegetables rank as the third exported chapter, with 2,819 million, 8.7% of the total and strong growth, 16.8% year-on-year. Fruit also registered a growth of 3.9%, up to 2,491 million, 7.7%.

Even so, the best-selling product from Andalusia to the world continues to be olive oil, which reaches a new sales record of 2,481 million, 7.6% of the total, thanks to strong growth of 24.8%. It is the most important component of the chapter of animal and vegetable fats and oils, which is the second exported by Andalusia, with 2,968 million (9.1%) and a rise of 28.5%.