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The importance of agrotechnological advances

Commercial agriculture has become a high-tech activity, especially with important advances in the last decade. Mainly in automated agricultural management, pest and disease control.

One of the main factors facilitating technology transfer around the world is the free trade. Which are carried out through imports of machinery and specialized equipment, improved seeds and the advice of experts.

The acquisition of technologies from different parts of the world generates great benefits for agriculture, but especially for developing countries.

In this sense, it is not surprising that in the most advanced countries, we find agricultural technologies from all over the world.

One of the main advances that we are going to talk about is “Biotechnology”.

Biotechnology gave rise to genetically modified organisms that, applied to different crops and cultivated surfaces. This had achieved a considerable increase in terms of resistance to pests and diseases.

Secondly, geographic positioning and information systems allow us to have control of large spaces without having to be in full contact with them.

Currently, these systems are used to create maps layers form in order to have more exact knowledge about the topography of the land, the water, the type of soil, etc.

Finally, the development of high-tech greenhouses. These greenhouses have a very high degree of automation and mechanization. Production levels are always very measured and any level that goes out of its course can be solved before greater evils occur.

In short terms, the main challenge of modern agriculture and technological advances in the field, what they pursue is the increase in production, goods and services are the maximum efficiency and respect for the environment.

The importance of BOCASHI in organic agriculture

Agritech Solutions has always defended that a soil must have life and that all our efforts during its cultivation must be aimed at maintaining its balanced exploitation in the long term.

For this reason the use of organic fertilizers is very important, as they improve the structures of the soil through the incorporation of nutrients and microorganisms regulating the pH of the soil.  With these fertilisers it is possible to reduce the use of external agents, often inaccessible to isolated communities, and to increase the efficiency of available resources, in a sustainable manner.

The Bocashi organic fertilizer

The Bocashi, is a type of organic fertilizer, where mixtures of different materials or organic residues are used and that in turn is enriched with minerals and microbiology in a natural way in its fermentation process. It is an organic fertilizer of Japanese origin (“bokashi” means “fermented fertilizer” in Japanese).

Basically, in the bokashi, microorganisms break down the simplest fraction of organic material, such as sugars, starches and proteins, releasing their nutrients in good conditions of humidity and temperature.

Main advantages

The production of this fermented fertilizer has some advantages compared to other organic fertilizers:

  • No toxic gases are formed and no bad odours arise.
  • The volume produced can be adapted to the local needs of the farmers.
  • It does not cause problems in storage and transport.
  • The product is produced in a relatively short period (depending on the environment in 12 to 24 days).
  • The product can be used immediately after preparation.
  • Low production costs due to the use of local materials

How is the bocachi produced?

There are two well-defined stages in the process of making bocachi.

The first stage is the fermentation of the fertilizer components when the temperature can reach up to 70-75° C due to increased microbial activity. Subsequently, the temperature of the fertilizer drops due to exhaustion or reduction of the energy source.

The second stage is the moment when the fertilizer goes through a stabilization process and only the materials that present the greatest difficulty in degrading in the short term stand out and then reach their ideal state for immediate use.

We are now a proud member of IFOAM Organics!

At Agritech Solutions we are very proud that our team is part of IFOAM Organic International. We are always looking for inspiration from the best references to achieve the highest level of quality of our products and to be proud of what we do.

Do you know IFOAM – Organics International?

IFOAM – Organics International is an NGO that promotes truly sustainable food production systems through the consumption of organic agriculture. We advocate a holistic approach to food production based on the principles of health, ecology, equity and care.

Founded in 1972 IFOAM – Organics International is an agent of change working towards truly sustainable food production systems through the consumption of organic agriculture.

From training and facilitating farmers’ transition to organic agriculture, to raising public awareness and advocating for sustainable policies, everything we do is intended to strengthen the organic movement and lead its advancement.

Building capacity and supply

As the demand for organic products is increasing faster than the amount of land available, it is essential to encourage new sources of supply. We work on behalf of the organic movement to facilitate organic development as an initiator and implementer of creative and agile projects.

In partnership with development and donor agencies, regional associations and related institutions, we promote the adoption of organic practices as sustainable solutions to poverty, food insecurity, soil erosion, biodiversity decline and climate change.

Defend policies and ensure systems that promote sustainable agriculture

We know that the wider political environment can either hinder the development of the organic sector or help it to flourish. Regulatory frameworks determine how organic products can be marketed worldwide and therefore have a major impact on the development of the organic market. That’s why we put a lot of energy into advocating for organics at local, national and UN levels, along with our training and supply work.

For decades, we have advised policy makers, national organic movements, NGOs and others on strategies to develop sustainable and credible organic sectors. We show how agricultural systems based on the principles of health, ecology, equity and care can address hunger, energy consumption, pollution, climate change, inequality and resource depletion

More than 800 members worldwide

We have over 800 members in more than 120 countries, including farmers’ associations, retailers, certifiers, processors and others. Every three years we organize a General Assembly where our members meet to shape the direction we take as the common voice of the organic movement.

Our strength and credibility derives from our broad base of members committed to the organic cause. We know that by joining forces with like-minded people we can bring about more positive changes in food systems around the world.

Author: Jennifer Black, Campaign and Communications Coordinator at IFOAM Organics International

Agritech proud member of the #PorElClima Community

AGRITECH SOLUTIONS SL is committed to reducing the pollution that causes climate change on the Planet through its actions and to becoming part of the #PorClima Community, a pioneering initiative of people, companies, organisations and public administrations that are united by a common objective: to be protagonists in the action against Climate Change in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Paris Agreement.

WHAT IS #PorElClima?

The #PorClima Community was created to encourage society to take action against the climate crisis, FROM ALL OF US TOGETHER. We are citizens, parents, young people, NGOs, companies and public administrations, all aware of the importance of fulfilling this mission.


Because we want to make all of society AWARE of the need for urgent and joint action in the face of the climate crisis.

Because it is necessary for citizens, companies, administrations and organizations to act TOGETHER in order to reverse this situation.

Because the climate crisis was created by all of us and it is our mission to spread, put pressure on and infect as many people, companies, administrations and organizations as possible in order to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement, Agenda 2030 and ODS 13.


You can inform yourself, act and disseminate. You are part of this urgent and necessary movement.

Join the Community and you can: have your own climate blog, publish and share stories (yours and others’), add actions and share your profile, to set an example to others.

But above all… you can be part of a community where we all have the same interest in reversing this climate situation, because only then are we stronger.


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