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The Importance Of Export Import Food Products

The Spanish agri-food sector is the second most important, after capital goods and the automobile sector.

The export of our products plays an important role. More than 60% of our vegetable production is exported. Within this wide range are included cereals, oil and vines and many others.

Thanks to our great variety and diversity of regions and producing areas, we have an offer to a world market of any type of product throughout the year. Spain is the second largest producer of fruit and vegetables in the European Union and the sixth worldwide.

Within the agri-food sector, olive oil as a great importance. One of every two bottles of olive oil consumed on the planet comes from Spain. Our country is the world’s leading exporter of this product.

AgritechSolutions, together with VivaOrganique, had been working for a long time on the import and export of agri-food products between Spain and Southeast Asia. On the VivaOrganique website you can find more information and all the products we work with.

Spain has a wide variety of agri-food products of exceptional quality and we have a large genre for the sale and export of our products. We have to continue betting on quality and highlighting the brand of Spain, strengthening our distinctive image and load of value.

Agritech Solutions S.L. & Puerto Sherry S.L. Merge

Puerto Sherry Food Company S.L. & Agritech Solutions S.L. are two companies dedicated to the import-export of all kind of products. Due to the detection of an important and growing market in the canned sector both nationally and internationally that claim the quality of products manufactured in Spain.

With the ISO 9001 certifications; IFS Food; BRC empower us to be able to sell and export to any part of the world.

Puerto Sherry´s Food Company S.L. factory has 7.680 m2, and it is prepared for the production and packaging of canned fish, shellfish and cephalopods.

At Puerto Sherry Food Company we are prepared to make preserves of: Tuna, melva, sardine and mackerel throughout the year and cockles and mussels adapting to their capture time in the last four months of the year.

Our products are prepared to compete in price and quality with the leading canned brands in the Spanish market. The factory currently has 5 products lines of different formats, which allows us a daily production capacity of 450.000 cans/day in a single shift.

New Agritech Tomato paste and concentrate catalogue

The new catalogue of tomato paste and tomato concentrate from Agritech Solutions is now available, made from 100% natural tomatoes obtained through sustainable production systems.

As always Agritech has dedicated a great deal of effort in research and development to launch a product on the market that stands out for its extra flavour, colour, quality and resistance, thus responding to the demands of our growers, distributors and, of course, our consumers.

You can download it online from here or request a paper copy from our contact form. (ONLY ENGLISH VERSION)

New website

We present you the new website of our most international brand of organic products! Made for you, more dynamic and complete so that you have an even more direct and practical experience when accessing the contents and information on our organic foods.

So that you can rediscover the true taste for food grown in an environment that does not harm the ecosystem and promotes the development of fair trade!

Discover our full range of natural and healthy products at your disposal:

Agritech quality

Spain is one of the countries with the highest food safety and quality standards in the world. As a net exporter of food products, our quality legislation is also one of the most demanding.

According to the Spanish Law 28/2015, food quality is understood as the set of properties and characteristics of a food product, the raw materials or ingredients used in its preparation, its nature, composition, purity, identification, origin, and traceability, as well as the manufacturing, storage, packaging and marketing processes used and the presentation of the final product, including its effective content and the information to the final consumer, especially labeling. This would be the objective quality.

All these properties and characteristics are which we consider when choosing suppliers for our products.

But we also try to go further, we ensure that our quality concept is as close as possible to that of our potential consumers, both in our country and in various countries in Southeast Asia in which we work. Our products aspire to satisfy the most demanding consumers. To do this, we also work on the concept of subjective quality, that is, the set of characteristics that make a food meet consumer expectations and satisfy their needs.

Besides, our concern involves multiple aspects such as the most environmentally sustainable agricultural production methods, traditional flavor, the highest nutritional value of products, packaging and presentation. Without forgetting a careful labeling, which tries to provide the highest level of useful information to the consumer, who is also provided with information about this process of selection and preparation of products through our website.

We invite you to discover our wide range: from gourmet products to products with the best value for money.