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Agritech quality

Spain is one of the countries with the highest food safety and quality standards in the world. As a net exporter of food products, our quality legislation is also one of the most demanding.

According to the Spanish Law 28/2015, food quality is understood as the set of properties and characteristics of a food product, the raw materials or ingredients used in its preparation, its nature, composition, purity, identification, origin, and traceability, as well as the manufacturing, storage, packaging and marketing processes used and the presentation of the final product, including its effective content and the information to the final consumer, especially labeling. This would be the objective quality.

All these properties and characteristics are which we consider when choosing suppliers for our products.

But we also try to go further, we ensure that our quality concept is as close as possible to that of our potential consumers, both in our country and in various countries in Southeast Asia in which we work. Our products aspire to satisfy the most demanding consumers. To do this, we also work on the concept of subjective quality, that is, the set of characteristics that make a food meet consumer expectations and satisfy their needs.

Besides, our concern involves multiple aspects such as the most environmentally sustainable agricultural production methods, traditional flavor, the highest nutritional value of products, packaging and presentation. Without forgetting a careful labeling, which tries to provide the highest level of useful information to the consumer, who is also provided with information about this process of selection and preparation of products through our website.

We invite you to discover our wide range: from gourmet products to products with the best value for money.