Madrid Fusión 2023 Global Gastronomy Congress

A few days ago the XXI edition of Madrid Fusión 2023 was closed with the motto without limits, referring to the diverse and open nature of today’s cuisine, from remote locations and restaurants, urban gastronomy cooks, chefs, came to this congress. to claim their art and make it known. This year the most important gastronomy congress in Spain has exceeded not only the gastronomic limits, but also the figures in terms of attendance, participants, exhibitors and ticket sales. In previous years, such as in 2022, the product stood out and due to the pandemic it could not be 100%, this year all the meat has been thrown into the grill and the contest has been a resounding success.

Among the highlights of Madrid Fusión 2023 is the role and success that women have had this year in the world of gastronomy, although women are always in charge of kitchens, they have always come to occupy a second place in the culinary world. This year there have been many women who have been able to give presentations, be finalists and win contests such as the best dish made with Mortadella Trufada or being the Best Revelation Pastry Chef 2023.