Skipjack tuna, AGRITECH SOLUTIONS new product

New Agritech Solutions Skipjack tuna catalogue:

In a few days, you will have available on our website the new Agritech Solutions Skipjack tuna catalogue.

In this new catalogue, you will be able to find information about one of the new products that AGRITECH SOLUTIONS is working on; skipjack tuna:

Skipjack tuna is the most common and most fished large-bodied species of tuna. For management purposes, it is often grouped with yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, and other “trua tunas” (genus Thunnus), but differences in their anatomy and physiology have led scientists to place skipjack in its own right. genus (Katsuwonus).

A primary difference between the Skipjack and true tunas is the Skipjack’s lack of specialized structures to raise its body temperature above that of its surroundings.

True tunas (and some other fish) can partially control their body temperature (ie they are warm-blooded), but skipjack’s body temperature is purely a function of the surrounding water (ie they are cold-blooded).

From AGRITECH SOLUTIONS we want to transform the sector and we propose a 100% social, environmental and economic sustainable fishing model, based on supporting artisanal fishing and on the recovery of fishing resources.

In order to achieve this, AGRITECH SOLUTIONS works on:

  • Support for artisanal and sustainable fishing.
  • Progressive elimination of destructive fishing gear.
  • Advance and conversion of deep-sea fishing towards sustainability.
  • Limitation of aquaculture exploitations.
  • Measures aimed at consumer information and awareness.
  • Pollution control in the marine environment.

This model would guarantee us a future with well-preserved oceans, more protected areas and recovered fish stocks.

As we have previously commented, this is a brief summary of what you can find in the new tuna catalogue. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you and solve all the doubts you may have.