The importance of agrotechnological advances

avances agrotecnológicos Agritech Solutiuons

Commercial agriculture has become a high-tech activity, especially with important advances in the last decade. Mainly in automated agricultural management, pest and disease control.

One of the main factors facilitating technology transfer around the world is the free trade. Which are carried out through imports of machinery and specialized equipment, improved seeds and the advice of experts.

The acquisition of technologies from different parts of the world generates great benefits for agriculture, but especially for developing countries.

In this sense, it is not surprising that in the most advanced countries, we find agricultural technologies from all over the world.

One of the main advances that we are going to talk about is “Biotechnology”.

Biotechnology gave rise to genetically modified organisms that, applied to different crops and cultivated surfaces. This had achieved a considerable increase in terms of resistance to pests and diseases.

Secondly, geographic positioning and information systems allow us to have control of large spaces without having to be in full contact with them.

Currently, these systems are used to create maps layers form in order to have more exact knowledge about the topography of the land, the water, the type of soil, etc.

Finally, the development of high-tech greenhouses. These greenhouses have a very high degree of automation and mechanization. Production levels are always very measured and any level that goes out of its course can be solved before greater evils occur.

In short terms, the main challenge of modern agriculture and technological advances in the field, what they pursue is the increase in production, goods and services are the maximum efficiency and respect for the environment.