The Importance Of Export Import Food Products

The Spanish agri-food sector is the second most important, after capital goods and the automobile sector.

The export of our products plays an important role. More than 60% of our vegetable production is exported. Within this wide range are included cereals, oil and vines and many others.

Thanks to our great variety and diversity of regions and producing areas, we have an offer to a world market of any type of product throughout the year. Spain is the second largest producer of fruit and vegetables in the European Union and the sixth worldwide.

Within the agri-food sector, olive oil as a great importance. One of every two bottles of olive oil consumed on the planet comes from Spain. Our country is the world’s leading exporter of this product.

AgritechSolutions, together with VivaOrganique, had been working for a long time on the import and export of agri-food products between Spain and Southeast Asia. On the VivaOrganique website you can find more information and all the products we work with.

Spain has a wide variety of agri-food products of exceptional quality and we have a large genre for the sale and export of our products. We have to continue betting on quality and highlighting the brand of Spain, strengthening our distinctive image and load of value.